Embrionix Coaxial Video SFP introduction

The coax series of SDI emSFP’s introduce the first level of flexibility without compromise. The SDI Coax series are drop in replacements for the typical Fiber optic SFP used in our industry today. This gives users the ability to mix and match a variety of connectors and video standards on a single platform. Also, the self contained architecture of the emSFP removes the added cost and time involved to meet return loss, cable length, and pathological requirements. These plug and play modules always ensure your video interface will meet and exceed all broadcast video standards. The emSFP are carefully designed to support the pathological signals. The pathological signal is a result of the encoding scheme of the SMPTE standards. It is an unbalanced DC created by the encoding scheme of the SDI. Embrionix team is familiar with these effects, and they have made the emSFP immune to the pathological signal. By using the emSFP you never have to worry about the SDI pathological signal.

coax SFP embrionix


  1. SMPTE-424M (ST 424), SMPTE-292M (ST 292), SMPTE-259 (ST 259)
  2. Available in different format: Dual transmitter, Dual receiver, transceiver
  3. Available with multiples connectors: HD-BNC or DIN1.0/2.3.
  4. Video standards include DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, Dual Link, and 3D.
  5. Reclocking or non-reclocking versions available.

emSFP distance by type


Bringing intelligence and advanced monitoring simplifies maintenance and design of complex broadcast installations.The emSFP Coax modules are available in Reclocking and Non-reclocking versions. This allows customers and manufacturers to build a product specific to application and function. The reclocking modules offer superior jitter performance by suppressing accumulated jitter, and always provide an optimal output. Non-reclocking modules provide a simple drop-in copper interface, while supporting cable lengths up to 120m. Both reclocking and non-reclocking modules have built in cable drivers, equalizers, and CPU for monitoring and control. Our patented mechanical design allows users to plug and unplug the emSFP WITHOUT having to remove the coax connectors. This allows ease of access for highly dense I/O configurations.

  1. Flexibility: Build a customer's optimized system by mixing coax SDI, optical SDI, converter emSFP by a port-by-port basis
  2. Cost: Minimized the inital CAPEX, lower carbon footprint. Upgrade the systems at any time by a port-by-port basis with the interface needed
  3. Density: Higher density ever achieved for SDI fiber, coax fiber and converters
  4. Interchangeable: Smaller point of failure of 2 ports.
  5. Easy replacement: hot pluggable and hot removable (with cable/fiber plug-in)
  6. Intelligent: the emSFP are the smartest SFP, by enabling diagnostics on the IO level
  7. Equipment interoperability: emSFP flawlesly interconnects the vendors equipment