The emVIEW family of standalone de-encapsulators can be installed elegantly at the back of your monitor thanks to their miniature frame form factor.  These devices can receive video IP flows and control packets from a single fiber optical link or dual optical links fiber in a redundant system. This solves long distance interconnection to the display using a minimum set of cables and equipment.

Our compact emVIEW hitless 4K/UHD IP ST2110 to HDMI 2.0 converter fits in the palm of your hand.  Easy control is provided through Ember+, RESTful or NMOS protocols. This compact emVIEW IP-to-HDMI 2.0 gateway simplifies and empowers 4K/UHD IP broadcast production monitoring workflows with universal support for all 4K/UHD signal formats and resolutions up to 4K/UHD 60Hz/hitless redundancy. A 16K packet buffer is provided for support of any wide or narrow sender.  

The emQUAD is a new quad split processor family capable of monitoring up to 4 IP signals on a single monitor and available in two flavors: the compact standalone emQUAD or emSFP-QUAD split processor.

In addition to the emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD, the company’s emVIEW-6 can be used to interconnect devices located at far distances over an IP link. The modular device is equipped with dual network connectivity, a control port for in-band control access and 3 x available I/O slots to accommodate HDMI or SDI input or output signals. The emFUSION-6 can enable 4 x quad views from a compact throwdown box and its modular design allows for configuration with SDI or HDMI inputs or outputs.

Each emVIEW, emQUAD, emFUSION and emEXTEND solution is based on the same frame form factor. The frame can be powered by redundant individual power supplies, or they can be installed in the emBOX-MBR-18, 2R rackmount bracket accommodating 18 frames and supplying redundant power.

  • Practical mechanical design; can be installed at the back of your monitors
  • Versatile format adaptation; Each module are software updatable to run a different processing function