The emFUSION product family of compact, modular, standalone SDI signal encapsulators and de-encapsulators can be neatly installed next to your equipment and are available with different input/output formats (COAX, HDMI, FIBER). The emFUSION platform is software updatable to run various encapsulation formats such as ST2110, ST2022-6 or ST2022-1/2.

The new emFUSION-6 is a compact standalone gateway that permits remote control of up to five camera feeds and signal return over a single fiber link. The device also allows for remote control of camera pan/zoom/tilt parameters and includes two aggregation ports that can be used for link redundancy.

Each emVIEW, emQUAD, emFUSION and emEXTEND solution is based on the same frame form factor. The frame can be powered with redundant individual power supplies, or they can be installed in a 2R rackmount bracket accommodating 18 frames and supplying redundant power.

  • Practical mechanical design; can be installed near your equipment
  • Versatile format adaptation; Each module are software updatable to run a different processing function