Software Defined SoC, 10GE/25GE platform

Available exclusively to our OEM partners, the EB82SOC1 is a Software Defined System on Chip (SoC) designed to perform multi-channel AV processing between IP and SDI, in a compact and ruggedized form factor that easily integrates into any broadcast equipment manufacturers' products.

The EB82SOC1 can run at either 10GbE or 25GbE, and features dual NIC's for fully redundant ST2022-7 red/blue network topologies on the IP side.

There are four bi-directional SERDES, compatible with SDI bitrates up to 12G which allows the device to mix and match any combination of HD/UHD video signals, up to the maximum 25GHz device throughput.

The software defined functionality provides:
• Encapsulation or De-encapsulation of SDI into or out of SMPTE ST2110 (3G/12G)
• Mappable SERDES configurations providing up to 4in/4out, 6in/2out, or 2in/6out
• NMOS, EMBER+, SPI, I2C, and Restful API protocols
• Encapsulator Frame Sync (standard feature with all Gateway Applications)
• De-encapsulator Clean Switch (optional feature)

Embrionix offers the EB82SOC1-EVB1 Evaluation Board for faster product development. The EVB allows manufacturers to test their software integration and API's in parallel with the hardware development. Along with the EVB, Embrionix provides schematic examples, PCB layout (gerber files), code samples, and hardware/software user guides.

Embrionix participates in the ST2110 and NMOS interop events to ensure compatibility with other manufacturers in the industry. This means that the EB82SOC1 will not only save you valuable development time and resources up front, but also ensure that your products stay up to date with the latest industry standards, API's, and interfaces in the future.

The EB82SOC1 is Pb-free and RoHS compliant.

  • Dual NIC for redundant networks
  • 10GbE or 25GbE operation
  • Multi-channel encapsulation/de-encapsulation of HD and UHD signals
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Pb-free and RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature range: -20C to 70C
  • Dramatically reduced development time and expense
  • High-density and future-proof architecture
  • Pathological signal support
  • UHD capable platform
  • Standards compliant
  • Onboard mountable
  • EB82SOC1
    Software Defined SoC, 10GE/25GE platform
  • ------ Related Accessories ------
  • EB82SOC1-EVB1: Evaluation Board for EB82SOC1
  • EB82SOC1-EVB1-SMA: SMA to SFP Adaptor for EB82SOC1 Evaluation board
  • MN SET
    Configuration Software for Embrionix IP Devices
  • ------ Gateway Applications ------
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-2RX6T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-2RX6T-N
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-4RX4T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-4RX4T-N
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-6RX2T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-6RX2T-N
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-2RX6T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-2RX6T-N
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-4RX4T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-4RX4T-N
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-6RX2T-E
  • * EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-6RX2T-N


EB82SOC1 Block Diagram