JPEG-XS Converter Application for EB82SOC1 (10GbE, Encode/Decode, NMOS, Ember+)

The JPEG-XS converter APPs provide two separate encoders or decoders.

On EB82SOC1s, the JPEG-XS converter APP is an SDI-to-IP or IP-to-SDI conversion.

The encoder can receive two HD/3G/12G SDI input signals to encode at a chosen compression rate to an SMPTE ST2110-22 flow. The encoding process only treats the video signal. The audio and ancillary data streams are passed through.

The decoder can receive two JPEG-XS signals encoded as SMPTE ST2110-22 and provide SDI outputs.
This can be used to compress signals to bring high bandwidth formats such as UHD through a bandwidth-restricted link. This way, signals can be distributed within a facility or between different buildings using lower cost links.

The APP is configured and controlled through the MN SET software or through a published SPI protocol or RESTful API to facilitate its integration into third party control systems. Software versions are available to support either Ember+ or NMOS protocols.

All converters APPS include Encoder side 'Frame Sync' as a standard feature. Decoder 'Clean Switch' can be added with the EMOPT-82-ADD-XS-TR08-SDI-CS option.

The EB82SOC1 can store up to three Applications (purchased separately), the user can switch between them via a simple command.

  • Multichannel conversion between SDI and JPEG-XS (TR-08)
  • Video Bitrates from 1.5G to 12G supported
  • ST2022-7 hitless redundancy via dual NIC architecture
  • Standards Compliant with:
  • * ST2110-10, -20, -22, -23, -30, -31, -40
  • * IS-04 (Discovery)
  • * IS-05 (Routing)
  • * IS-08 (Audio Mapping)
  • * IS-09 (System)
  • * BCP-002-01 (Essence Grouping)
  • * BCP-004-01 (NMOS Receiver Capabilities)
  • * BCP-006-01 (NMOS Stream Mappings)
  • * TR-1001 (System Environment and device behaviors)
  • * PTP support : ST2110 10 (AES R16 2016)
  • Reduced time to market for equipment manufacturers
  • Significantly lower engineering development costs
  • Future-proof format agility
  • Software upgradeable as standards and protocols change
  • Unmatched Integration
  • EMOPT-82-10-SDI-XS-TR08-E (SDI to JPEG-XS TR-08, 10GbE, 2 ch, Encode, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-10-SDI-XS-TR08-N (SDI to JPEG-XS TR-08, 10GbE, 2 ch, Encode, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-10-XS-TR08-SDI-E (JPEG-XS TR-08 to SDI, 10GbE, 2 ch, Decode, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-10-XS-TR08-SDI-N (JPEG-XS TR-08 to SDI, 10GbE, 2 ch, Decode, NMOS)
  • ------ Software Add-On ------
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-XS-TR08-SDI-CS (Clean Switch)
  • ------ Related Accessories ------
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    Software Defined SoC, 10GE/25GE platform
  • EB82SOC1-EVB
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